Niagara ribbon question

Heya, I am trying to create a sort of Light Graffiti effect with Niagara’s ribbon(beam) system, but I get this rendering issue. What exactly is going on here, because I can’t figure it out? I would like it to fade it out from the end till the beginning.


Can you post some screenshots of your stack?

Are you using beam or ribbon as particle typedata? Because it looks like you are using beam and thats what probably causes that. Beams always have source and target in which case i think both are your actor. If you want trails to just fade in lifetime I would go with ribbon instead.

Make sure that your lifetime isn’t random.

I am currently basing it off the one in the Content Example. If I turn off the “Solve Forces and Velocity” it does not render the ribbon at all. Lifetime is static. And the it is using the RibbonRenderer.

What version are you on, 4.20? I tried this out in Dev-Niagara and it worked fine. I remember that ribbons had a lot of issues initially, but we’ve rewritten a big chunk of them in Dev-Niagara.

Yes, latest one. 4.20.1. Can you post your stack?