Niagara Ribbon issue local set ribbon render emitter offsets from spline when I move the BP in my level

The goal is to have a growing ring under the player over some time.

I have a BP with a spline and a Niagara component set up to move a ribbon emitter and fire particle around the spline. My problem is when I move the BP the ribbon and fire offsets 2x further away from my spline. I noticed if I uncheck local space, it stays connected but that seems the opposite of what the Local checkmark is supposed to do.

In this example the ribbon has local space checked and the fire does not. I move the BP up a small amount and you can see the ribbon offsets further away from the spline.

The “WS” in the “Sample Spline Position by Unit Distance WS” stands for “world space”. If you want to use local space, use the non-WS counterpart in your script. Alternatively you can do a “Transform Position” of the output Position of that node “from World Space to Simulation”. “Simulation” means which space your emitter currently is.

Thank you @ifurkend for responding. changing non-WS and setting the systems to local worked in my test level.