Niagara Performance Issue - GetDynamicMeshElements


Hey all,

I wonder if anyone could shed light on the issue I am currently having on my game in terms of performance with particular effect.

So its taking a chunk of time gathering dynamic mesh elements. At first I thought it was todo with ribbons but it seems to be any form of emitter where its occurring.

Has anyone hit this issue before or have any info? The effect is pretty light and im not doing anything crazy within it, just consists of 5/6 layers of emitters nothing pumping out alot of particles etc etc.

Cheers as always!

Could you post more info about the system & emitters?
Does it have anything to do with RenderTargets? (asking because of the ‘RT’)

Hey Tobias,

Thanks for the reply. In terms of the system, it is a projectile which i am making. Here is the graph showing the performance hit

and also one of the emitters which gathers dynamic meshes, how is it using render targets? its just a single sprite looping over and over.

Pretty sure the RT is referring to the Render Thread (GT being the game thread).

Regarding the perf issue here, you say you don’t spawn many particles per effect but are there many instances of the effect being spawned?