Niagara Particles Lifespan are very different if Unreal is running at 120 fps than 30 fps

Hi, I noticed that in Niagara, if I setup my particles to have a lifespan of .01 seconds, the actual lifespan is wildly different if the engine is running at 120fps than at 30fps. I assumed Unreal was doing an internal conversion to address this. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks a bunch!

Did anyone have a solution for this?

I would have thought ‘Fixed Tick Delta Time’ in the System Properties would fix this, but in my tinkering it didn’t seem to have an effect.

At 30 fps, a frame takes .033 repeating sec.
So that will be the minumum visible time.
Then only way to have it be faster is to not show it at all.
In the case of a lifetime of 0.01 that would thus be about 3 times longer than the actual lifetime.

Visual updates at 120 fps are much more frequent so you only run into this issue for values smaller than 0.008