Niagara - How to rotate sprite on all axes?

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to have a sprite rotate on all axes in Niagara. I see how to set the custom facing vector, but the sprite always rotates on the X. I want to randomize the sprite to rotate on X,Y,Z. Any idea how to do this?

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use align sprite on mesh orientation then use random vector or uniform vector from -1 to 1 you will have sprite facing in all direction I use this all-time in almost every tutorial.

Thanks for the reply! I’ve gone through a number of your tutorials. So to recap, I am able to get the sprites to align in all directions. However I can not get them to rotate on all axes. Even being aligned in the different directions they always still only rotate on the X axis. If I add the “Alight Sprite to Mesh Orientation” in the update and change “evaluation type” to “every frame” I get a 3D rotation, but its crazy fast. All I want is for this sprite of a leaf to have 3D rotation as it flutters in the air. Also I am using 4.26

Actually I just figured it out! Looks like after adding the “Align Sprite to Mesh Orientation” the system now respects “Update Mesh orientation” which allows me to control the 3D rotation! Thanks!