Niagara and Unreal Cascade effects

Depending on what you’ll say, i’ll be very sad for the rest of the day.
I need to ask: If one day Niagara is ever released and cascade replaced, how we’ll modify particles already made in Cascade? Like changing colors of effects. We’ll be able to do this, or we’ll never be able to modify any existing particle made in Cascade? At least the color of effects, wich is what i want to know, will be possible? Please tell me that at least color and we’ll be able to edit…

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I believe that they will keep Cascade on for a while longer and then eventually transition it into a plugin. I don’t think it will ever fully disappear.

God and Epic Game’s developers to hear you. It’ll be a real shame, pain, frustration if every effect already created in Cascade’s lifetime could never be modified again, neither the colors or the materials…

Pretty sure you could just keep a version of UE4 that still uses Cascade if that ends up being an issue?

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Hmmm, i liked what you said, i didn’t think in this possibility. May we talk more about this? Lets imagine that niagara is released fully in 4.30, we are now at 4.31 and cascade was seen last time alive was in 4.29. I am making a game at 4.31, i can edit a particle in cascade 4.29 and then update it to 4.31? Is that it what you mean? If yes (and if it is possible), you are a genious. Dude i love internet. C’mon i would love to see more suggestions of what possibilities we may have. Thanks dude for your reply.

A tool to convert Cascade nodes into Niagara. :slight_smile:

PS: Unfortunately they might still be a bit broken due to value differences.


The guys at Epic have several times mentioned that cascade will remain in the engine for the foreseeable future, although eventually it will be a full replacement for cascade that’s a long way away, cascade will continue to be part of the editor by default for a few years I imagine :slight_smile: don’t think their is the need to worry