Niagara and mobile performance

Hey all! I have a question regarding Niagara and Mobile Game Development. Full disclosure, my knowledge of Niagara is fairly limited. I am not sure what the overhead of running Niagara systems on Mobile are.

I know with Unity that VFX Graph is not usable with mobile. That being said, the argument I typically hear at work is “Fortnite uses it!”, which is great to know; But at what capacity? Are all effects made with Niagara or is it a mixture of Cascade and Niagara?

Does anyone in this community understand the performance metrics of Niagara, specifically towards mobile game development?



As far as I know it scales well. You can different scalability settings for each platform, including mobile.
I honestly think Cascade will be completely deprecated soon, so there is no reason really, not to use Niagara, at this point.