[Niagara 4.25] Particle Decals Mini Tutorial

Hmm, is it possible that you have analytical planar collisions turned on?

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Hi, so it was a hidden mesh that I have on my level, it is working fine now with raytraced collision mode. Thank you :smiley:

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This is wonderful thank you so much! One question I have though please, is there a way to exclude geo from receiving this fake decal? With actual decals you can disable Receives Decals, but with this? I haven’t been able to figure it out, thought I’d ask, thank you!

Since this is happening in the translucent pass rather than during the base pass (as is the case with deferred decals), we don’t have access to the stecil used in Receives Decals.

So I usually use the custom stencil for this.

If you are somewhat tech savy, you could also try extracting the original depth buffer, and save it to a separate buffer for use during the translucency pass.