New to the world of VFX

Hello everyone !

My name is Chris Gonzalez and i’m a student at Vancouver Film School(VFS) taking Game Design. I have explored all areas of this program such as 3d modeling in Maya and ZBrush as well as explore engines likes Unity and Unreal.

Im currently nearing the end of my program and we are currently developing a game in unity ! I have taken a new role of VFX and it a new world for me to explore. Its something that this course does not teach much so i’m very eager to learn as much as i can as this is will be a key part to the game.

Here is a quick summary of the game:
Scouts’ Oath is a 3D 3rd person, single player puzzle platformer with AI management for the PC where you play a Boy Scout navigating his nervous friends through the burning treehouse by jumping on their heads, tossing them to higher places and holding their hands with the support of a slingshot

A quick video of what im starting off with

The main focus for me is the fire that is going around the world as well as creating a Fire Wisp (The only enemy the player will encounter) I have tested a few approaches to fire and the body of the wisp.

Throughout production, i hope to post more and gather as much feedback as i can to improve this new area i am in.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this!