New Forum Feature: Topic Preview Thumbnails!

This is one that I’ve been passionately pushing for with the discourse team for quite a while - with some help from an awesome external plugin author, and our very own @yegor211 (who has helped tremendously with most of the custom work on this site), our visually artistic community now has a more visual forum!

Note the “R” logo on the bottom post? That’s the default thumbnail - if you see that, it means you should probably link to a cool image or video in your post. If you already have an image in your post, and it didn’t take it, try just editing the post and re-submitting. Sometimes the image just needs to be refreshed with this new system.

**Notice I said “link to” We’re currently still allowing uploads to the forum, but we’re going to run out of storage space at some point, and I’ll have to increase our capacity again, making the site more expensive to run. One day, maybe I’ll ban it, but for now, we’ve been good about not abusing file uploads - let’s keep it up!


I love the thumbnails. I wonder if it’s possible to show the threads in a grid-preview (if the user enables it). Especially now with the embergen challenge and sooo many threads, i would love to see only the thumbnails+title but in a grid with maybe 6 colums to see everything in a more condensed view.



I’m working on a fairly large overhaul of our layout and am ramping up a team for a few new features, both inspired by the more user friendly layouts of sites like art station (including a visual grid). So far it’s going well, but it’s a lot to chew on, so I can’t give a great timeline of when to expect this… but hopefully soon!

that sounds great, looking forward to that! <3