New Avatar Flairs for Competition Winners, Sketch Winners and Forum Leaders!

We’re finally announcing and implementing a small update that has been an exciting topic for me for a while: Avatar flairs!

You may have already noticed them, but they sit right by your avatar if you have been awarded one! Since we only display a single flair, we have setup a small priority system that will award you one over another. For example, if you got second place in a VFX Sketch in the past, however you pulled through with a victory at another point in the future, you would see your gold VFX Sketch badge displayed!

These are the current badges that will unlock a flair, in order of priority:

  • Master community lead
  • First place competition
  • Second place competition
  • Third place competition
  • First place sketch
  • Second place sketch

There’s some small tweaks that need to be done to bring it to full polish such as rounding up the edges of the badges but as of this post everyone who has qualified for a flair has already been awarded one. If I missed something please PM me! Also, if you wish to display a different badge other than the one currently displayed on your avatar PM me as well! If you have any feedback, here is a great place to discuss!

For more on badges, check out the collection and their descriptions here: Real Time VFX