Need help with cloud burst VFX

Hey everyone, I would really appreciate some help with the Unity VFX I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to recreate Mario Odyssey’s disappearance VFX. like this one Screenshot by Lightshot

I’ve made for the first part of the effect and am now stuck. I don’t know how to split the mesh or is there another way to make it look like the mesh splits… Can anybody help me do it? Some video or an explanation on how to do it.

I’ve made a mash in Houdini.

This is how far I’ve come.

This is the effect i’m trying to recreate

If anybody has any suggestions I would highly appreciate it. Thank you

Hey! From what I’m seeing I’d say that the mesh is already split from the beginning. Instead of the emitter spawning one mesh with a bubbly cloud shape, it’s spawning multiple round meshes that form the cloud. In the first frames of the animation they stay together so it makes the shape of the cloud and as the animation progress they split up to make it disappear.

Thanks mate. I’ve been thinking that’s the case but the effect would always look the same. guess i will do it that way. Thanks a lot

You can always use random spawn locations and vary the rotation, scale, velocity and such so it doesn’t look exactly the same, should be enough. Good luck!

Hmm if i do random location and scale it wouldn’t look like its made of cloud. I will try tho. Thank you once again