Need Help recreating this effect

Came Across this sort of Mesh Based Duo Trail effect i am stil a begginer and was thinking how i can achieve a similar effect to this ?

That looks like two different objects that are each spawning particles behind them at a fixed rate as they move. Pretty much one particle system used twice

How is it following the path like that is that a using a curve ? and how is the glow achieved is that a point light that is grouped with the particle ?

The wales are most likely separate objects that are rotating around the character, and each wale has the “trail” particle system attached.

The glow is just from an emissive material that is faking it being lit.

The particle system is just spawning 1 of the circular particles every X seconds, or X units of distance the wale travels while it rotates (Unreal has a particle module called Spawn Per Unit that spawns a particle based on distance instead of time, I’m sure Unity has something like that too). There isn’t any velocity or acceleration on the particles, so each blue disc is spawning in place, with another spawning right after the next. Think of it like placing a trail of bread crumbs while you turn in a circle. You turn a little bit, set down a bread crumb, you turn a little bit more, set down another bread crumb, etc. That’s basically what the particle system is doing as the wale object it’s attached to is moving

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