Need better Start/End to Projectile in UE5

I am making VFX (Niagara) for a laser gun. Gameplay is in the top down perspective. The projectile movement is set up through BP and moves 100 m/s. There are 3 problems happening that are caused because the projectile is moving very fast.

  1. Start
    The Projectile looks to be spawning a few feet in front of the gun. When I slow down the gameplay, projectile is spawning in the correct location, it just doesn’t look that way because how fast it’s moving.
  2. End
    Projectile looks to disappear a few feet in front of impact vfx
  3. Close to wall
    If player is somewhat close to wall, the laser projectile doesn’t seem to appear. Just the Muzzle flash and Impact vfx.

I am currently using a Ribbon, however, I have tried Dynamic Beam and Mesh renders as well.

In Niagara System settings, Warmup, I have Warmup Time set to 0.133 and Warmup Tick Count set to 2

Also, the engineers have set up Pooling for the projectile. Not sure if that could be causing some of these issues. Just thought I’d mention it.

If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, it would be much appreciated

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I’m trying to figure out a solution for it to look better without slowing down the projectile movement.

I have the exact same problem, I’m also looking for a fix!

I found a way to help with the start, where the warmup tick delta and count can be changed and fix the issue. Going with too many tick will spawn a few particle at the system origin, and would cause visual glitches as I apply a bit of curl noise. Setting it at 2 was the right amount of tick to have a nice visual effect.


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So my engineer ending up finding a fix for this. The gist of it, is the pooling was set up bad. The fix was setting up a 1 second delay, after collision, for the projectile to pool. Hope that helps if you are having the same issue.

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