Nathan Huang VFX reel 2017

Hey all, I just recently graduated from Gnomon and just wanted to show what I have created thus far. Huge thanks to this forum, have learnt a lot from all of you guys.
I’m always keen for any comments or critiques as always. Enjoy!


Very solid work! Would be cool to see more specific details about what you used for each effect.
One thing that caught my eye is that some of the effects are not that strong when fading away, maybe look into alpha erosion to make the fade out more interesting?
Nonetheless really good work :slight_smile:

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Thanks! and for the feedback, yeah I was thinking of doing breakdown videos of it but at the end thought it would be cleaner to leave it out and have a second video for breakdowns. Yeah I also would agree I do need some more alpha erosion in some of the particular effects. Any particular effect you think needs it the most?

Out of all of those, I’d say the flames would benefit more. When it comes to breakdowns, yeah, no need to go super detailed I guess, but it’d be interesting to see if you used meshes, particles, which engine it’s being rendered on and etc.

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Thats some really nice work man. Keep it up:+1: