Natanel Apfel - Show Reel and Interactive FX Reel 2017 [Bonus: Standing Out when Applying for a Job!]

Hello there!

I am Nat, a long time lurker. I’m sure I’m not alone, but I’ve always been intimidated by the incredible work you all share here! (Which is why I’ve shied away from contributing) But I thought would finally put up the courage to actually contribute something to this awesome community :slight_smile:

What started as a personal project to push my ability to create stylised fx further eventually became what I call my Interactive FX Demo, which significantly helped me stand out during my most recent job search. And I thought I would post it up here for people to take a look at and perhaps help others whom are/will be on the prowl for a job too :slight_smile:

My motto in my work life is always to identify the step above what is expected of me and push for it. In this case, interviewers and recruiters expect to see a show reel for VFX applicants, so I wanted to go one step further and actually give them a game-like experience to play and view my fx in!

If you’re interested, you can download it here on my portfolio website:

The effects themselves are the ones near the end of my video reel here (the ones with my avatar as it’s allocated game at the bottom left :stuck_out_tongue:):

The framework itself was put it together using UE4’s Blueprint and some basic C++. And of course all the effects were made using typical software and tools.

It’s by no means perfect (e.g. UE4’s time dilation node used on the slow time slider messes with the average FPS count), and something I will probably return to to polish up and possibly break down if it’d be helpful for you all!

Thanks for taking a look and I hope this is useful to some of you guys :slight_smile:


I love that ground crack at the beginning! :heart_eyes:

Playing through path of Exile was super fun, congrats on the great work!

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I really liked the wings, you showed different types but I would also show a couple color changes on them. The spells I really liked are the fel fire plume and the soul sunder. Other than that on the wings I have to say great work! You said you were worried by thinking you weren’t good enough. Well I’m saying other wise, I like your work and trust me starting out its intimidating. I’m just starting into the VFX world but I’m determined to learn it and have fun with it. Good luck on your adventures and keep working.

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Damn dude, your stuff has improved heaps since I last saw your work! Nice stuff. Hope all is well there over at GGG. I miss those guys :" )

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Some nice work man! Too bad the rest of POE game dont look as good as the VFX you did :slight_smile:

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Hey Natanel,
Really liked the feel of the effects at 14s and 19s.
It would be extremely helpful if you could provide some kind of guidance
to making the interactive demo. I’ve only been trying to create pretty things
so the Blueprint and C++ side of Unreal seems scary.

Thank you

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Dude this is awesome stuff. The Interactive demo thing you made is a really cool way to showcase work, nicely done!

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