NARUTO VFX made with unity3d




This rasengan looks amazing, how do you achieve that wobbly distortion effect when it expands? Do you do some vertex animation in the shader?

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it s just a refraction trick :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Whooaaaa thats so cool, I need to know how to go about doing stuff like this, I’m still a bit of a noob lol



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the aura on Bushy brow sensei aka Guy, when he activates the 8th gate of death, how did you achieve such a seemless and perfect aura. Im really interessted

create a perfect aura, i think the keyword is airflow, you need to add some low-transparency airflow around the effects (ground and air) to make the effect more full and powerful.
the first is the ground. On the ground, some air and waves can be made to spread, and then in the air, some smoke or wind can be made to make a stereoscopic effect.
finally, the particles are used to create some gravel and dust to add more detail.

p_04 p_05
In fact, this principle is very simple: vertex, edge, polygon.
the polygon means geometry, which is used to give the most basic shape of the effect. edge are lines that give more detail and beauty to the effects. the vertex is the stone, the light spot, sprayed by the particle emitter.
effects including these three points, and then add some airflow around, the perfect aura will be there.

as for layout. I refer to the NSUNS4(NARUTO SHIPPUDEN Ultimate Ninja STORM 4) and the Naruto Comics. especially the NSUNS4, most of the layout and effects I made according to it.


thanks so much for the response, really inspired by how you did things!

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Looks fantastic ! Thanks for sharing some of your techniques in the community !
中国人才真的很强大 !

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Very Cool!Thank you!

Wow, looks cool ! I’m also huge fan of Naruto and i’m going to create some “naruto style” effects, hope to share it soon.

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This is amazing. It looks just like the game. Do you use shaders for the outer and inner ring wind fx around 8 gates Guy or did you use a particle system? I have been trying to achieve a wind fx but havent been able to because I am still very new to this.

Have you done any of the flame juitsu? I’m trying to make a close ranged non-projectile version in UE4, sort of tornadoey /vortexy. I know you’ve been working in unity but I think any help would be great.

Amazing work, man! Thanks for the aura breakdown!
I’m dying to make some dust/energy spinning rings similar to those you’ve got here on this gif. I’m messing with a lot of noises and Alpha Clipping here on my shaders but I’m nowhere near satisfying results.

Do you have any tips on how to achieve that?

wow I genuinely thought u were the author of those fx in the game.

This is amazing but I would like a better breakdonwn of how you made this in Unity. Call me crazy but I want to actually learn to make this for my own game.