My VFX for AnteGods

Heey FX peeps, time for my very first post, love this forum :kissing_heart: I’ve been doing technical art and VFX for a while now and recently started with my first internship at CodeGlue! We’re working on a game called AnteGods. It’s a MOBA-like game in a style we call stonepunk, where you blast each other and the destructible terrain to collect energy which powers up the titan of your team so you can ultimately destroy the titan of the other team!

I’ll be making a lot of effects over the coming weeks and I plan to show most of them here, mostly so I can get critique from other particle enthousiasts! I started with a death effect for when one of the players dies:


So I was working on a hit effect and I was having issues with tieing the effect to the rest of the game, it took me a while to realized this was because I didn’t know how the projectile creating the hit effect would look yet! I started at the last step! Now I’m trying to design a good projectile:

The idea behind it was that the guns in Antegods have the ability to take the energy of the world and compress it into volatile stones that explode on impact. However having issues with finding a good balance between visual clearity and details, because the bullets are fairly small and move fast the blue engravings on my current design will just be a blur.

Back to the drawing board!

So I’ve probably never been stuck this long this early in the concept fases! I made too many gifs to concept silouettes…

I backed away from the stone concept since I felt the general energy shots would be easier to have a abstract, clear and interesting shape. However all the tests of these textures all felt very flat, I now want a hadouken type 3D mesh particle effect, but first I’ll have to figure out how to actually create these and I couldn’t find good references, so here’s my first try:


I’m definitely not satisfied yet, it’s a little N64-esque to me, but it’s a start!

Maybe you guys have some suggestions or resources on how to do a hadouken type effect?


After experimenting a lot with energy shot type effects and bringing them in-game I saw that a lot of the animation and details were lost in the short amount of time they were on screen. I went back to my energy stone idea and tried it out ingame, pretty happy with the results. Still needs some changing and tweaking but I like where I’m heading now!