My Game FX Progress Journal - Maysie

Hi there!
My name is Maysie and I wanted to post my FX progress here.
Both for feedback and (Hopefully) seeing improvement as time goes on.

I’ve only been doing FX for about 7 months so far and have been working in Unity.
I am currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Technologies and graduate in November with hopes of getting a job as an FX artist.
Most of the FXs I have so far are from games that I have been working on in my degree. Most of these games have just been prototypes, but we are moving one into vertical slice now.

I’d love feedback on my lastest FXs as those will usually be the ones that I am still working on :blush:

My artstation:


Projectile FX


This is a projectile that I am currently working on.
I’m not great at scripting, but I’m quite happy with how it came out so far.
I followed this tutorial on Youtube to get the basics:

I’m currently working on making it more personalised.
I used a texture sheet for the main projectile part.

It stretches a bit which I’m not overly happy about, but I’ll keep fiddling around with it until I get it working the way I want.

It’s used for an enemy that spits in a game that I’m working on at uni.
Here are the animations I did of the character for context.

Model done by
Texture done by
Texture Sheet done by

These are all artists who I am working in a group with at my Uni and have consented for their artstation accounts and work to be shown here.


Add a light or a flash perpendicular to the wall.

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Weapon FX
I’ve had to take a pause on the projectile as our vertical slice is due this Friday.
I’m looking at continuing to update the projectile fx once we move into our next phase of game dev.

This is the weapon FX I’ve been working on for the past three days.
The first ones (most left) are for our parasitic weapon.
The second ones (second from the left) are for our ripe weapons.
The third ones (second from the right) are for our rotten weapons.
The fourth ones (most right) are for our spicy weapons.

Honestly, I wasn’t given much to go off other than the base colour and name of the weapon, so I tried my best to encapture what I had to go off.

These have to fit our current 10 different weapons. I made variants for all fx so that there is both ones for short and long weapons.

I welcome all feedback, but probably won’t be able to implement any new changes on these fx until we move into the next dev phase :slight_smile:

Weapons by

This an artist who I am working in a group with at my Uni and have consented for their artstation accounts and work to be shown here.


Awesome stuff so far! Also, it’s just a small thing, but there is a category called Personal Work that would fit better for this thread :wink:

Looking forward to seeing more of your progress!

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Weapon effects are notably hard to get right, they always look nice until the you start swinging the sword around haha

If you find that your weapon effects are too sprity/popcorny when waving them around, but feel too stiff when trying to set everything to Local Space - try having the main element (whatever you’re using as a core fill) attached to the blade, and then smaller pieces can be world space. In the case of fire you’ll probably need two or more emitters to create some flames that follow and some that don’t.

Hope that helps, looking forward to seeing more!

EDIT: OH another idea is to add a fresnel effect to the blade itself to help strengthen the silhouette when there’s tons of fx going on around it. Modellers always get sad when their hard work is covered up by particles…

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Sorry, still getting used to how the site works.
Thank you though, I’ve changed it to the Personal Work category

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That is all very helpful, thank you!
I’ve had issues with that in the past. I’ll definitely give that a go.
The fresnel effect is a great idea. I understand how much of a bummer it is when your work gets covered up

No problem at all! I’ve practically lived on this site since its launch, and there are still all kinds of features and things I’m finding. Hopefully pointing out the different categories didn’t come off as rude :slightly_frowning_face:

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Elemental Combination VFX
It’s the start of my last semester and we are moving into Alpha for our game.
As we start to wrap up our features, we decided that for our elemental weapons, they can have multiple elements on them which give more bonuses to the weapons.
Originally we were going to have 16 different effects for all the different combinations of the original four elements. After a lot of discussions, we didn’t think that this would be time or game efficient.
In the end, I came up with the idea that we could have three new effects. One for when two elements are combined, one for when three elements are combined and one for when four elements are combined.



They go from two elements on the left, through two four elements on the right.
I was just given the colours by our art leader then chose themes off of those.

Our 3D artist is currently redesigning the weapons to stay up to date with the next environment we have, so I may be adjusting the FX slightly to make sure they look good on the next weapons.

I welcome all feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Weapons by

This an artist who I am working in a group with at my Uni and have consented for their artstation accounts and work to be shown here.


Hi all,
We have a new assignment from Uni as we come to the end of the year.
I have a class where we have to make a star portfolio piece.
I will be doing a scene with multiple VFX, most of which will be magic.
I started doing some concepts after we got the assignment.
I only have this one at the moment, but as I finish other concepts, I will continue to post them.

This is the concept for a necklace which one of the characters will use to call another character for help.
Digital 2D has never been a strong suit of mine, but I tried my best :slightly_smiling_face:

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Teleport Concept
This is a concept for a Teleport.
I’m thinking of changing the colours to match the necklace but I’ll see what it looks like when I get in engine.

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More Concepts
Here are the last of my concepts for my portfolio piece.
I’ve started blocking them out in Unity and have some shaders that I’ve started.
I’ll update those once I have timing in.

Have a good day!

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Portal VFX
For the game I am making at uni, we have decided to add two new portals.
I will also be updating an older portal that I made at the start of the year.
I took a lot of inspiration from the Diablo 3 Greed World Portal for this.
I got some great advice that I need to add more colour depth in my VFX so that shapes are better read and don’t just blend together. I tried to do that here, but I think I could push it further. I’m leaving it for now though so that when I come back to it, I’ll hopefully have fresh eyes to see where I can improve.
Here is the first of the portals.

In the prefab

In a mini version of one of our game scenes

Used a mesh that I made in Maya

Make this texture in Photoshop.
I made a shader for the material so that it would scroll. I got some help from a lecturer to make the shader as programming isn’t a strong suit of mine.

As always, feedback is welcome.

Have a good day!