My first VFX!

Hi! Mauro Juarez suggested me this community.
This was my first time creating VFX, I was trying to somehow translate the “hand-painted” style of my game into the Vfx.
The goal was to create a big area of effect in front of the creature.
I used Photoshop + Unity3D.
I know it is just a simple slash but It was really challenge for me.

Any critiques and comments are welcome! :smiley:


Hi and welcome !

I like your textures very much, you handpainted it with photoshop only ? it’s looking good :slight_smile:

I think it’s solide, the timing is great i would personaly just add a darker texture (in alpha) so it’s more visible and i found it to help making my effects pop even more (also your ground is kinda the same color as your vfx)
you could make that darker texture fading slowly, it will realy add something to your effect imo.

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Hi, thank you, Tayko.
Yes, almost every texture is painted in photoshop. For some of them (3d rocks and tree that you can see just part of it) I used 3DCoat to paint directly on the model.

Awesome tip! I’ll try to use a darker alpha behind the effects as you said, it will give really nice contrast.

Glad you joined! Really cool start. The vfx looks great. Maybe try a little bit of color change over lifetime.
Here you have something to boost your learning :wink:

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Great playlist and Pins :open_mouth: