My first Unity VFX Assets

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new here. About 2 years ago I discovered a world of game development, downloaded Unity Engine and with my friend started to work on our first game. Sadly, the game was completely abandoned and after that, I throw myself into VFX and creation of small Assets. Now I want to show you some of my first Assets and hope you will give me some advice and criticism. Here all the videos and links:

Asset store link: Magic Missiles and Lasers | Spells | Unity Asset Store

Asset store link: Volumetric 3D Lasers | Spells | Unity Asset Store

Asset store link: NOT PUBLISHED YET

First and the Second one looks very similar but using different techniques. I really like to work with particles and shaders, but struggling a little with more advanced techniques like volumetric rendering or complex vertex fragment shaders.

I will be very thankful if you show me some materials to improve my current VFX skills.


That last video is my favorite. I really liked tiles, hex and cube, the effect is pretty slick. Did you make that with a geometry shader or particle modifier script?

This looks amazing! Great work!

The script only arranges particles in the form of a grid. All movement and deformation made in Shader via Vertex Offset. The wavy movement made with simple noise textures with world space mapping.

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That’s really nice. Good job!

That volumetric laser is awesome!! Any chance you could share or hint how you did it for us Unreal users to tinker with?

All your stuff is amazing btw

Really cool stuff dude ! Really inspiring, thanks for sharing ! :smiley:

So cool. Really great stuff!

Great job! I really love those cast effects!

Thank you all, I really appreciate your feedback.

About Volumetric Lasers, it is actually a pretty straightforward technique. The Lasers consists of multiple layers, each layer is just a couple of tesselated cylinders, lined up in a straight line. All the form changes were made in a shader. Also, the shader discards all pixels that exceed the length of a ray.


Looks amazing and very organic

For the assetstore how did you approach adding the glow?
I know I read somewhere they didn’t want to include unity standard assets so I have been avoiding it

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I would like to know as well!

I really like the living particles demo! good stuff mate!

I just used Unity Post Processing Stack with Bloom + Tonemapping. I’m not sure about benefits of using your own custom Bloom effect. Unity PP Stack is updating very frequently and it’s actually very good now. Look at UE4, all of their post processing effects comes with the engine itself.

Also, I have seen many assets in the store with included Standard Unity Assets.

I have the vague memory that my asset got declined because I had the standard asset included in the assetpack.

Having in demo scenes with bloom is just fine but not the pack itself

It might not be a a issue but I imagine rookie unity users get disappointed when they buy packs and stuff don’t work immediately. In my explosion pack I wrote instructions how to download the bloom filter but I feel there might be better ways.

Would be nice if unity let assetmakers include standard assets, but usually there is a bigger issue around the corner blocking this.

I love the living particles demo! Nice work, and clever technique.