My first explosion FX

Hello everyone!

I started my internship not long ago to learn more about VFX and I have been experimenting in Houdini and Unreal. Here is an explosion effect I have done based on a step by step tutorial that I have modified with suggestions from my tutor.

I am pretty happy with the result so far. But if you have any pointers or tricks to make it even better, feel free to comment!

Thank you! :smiley:


You’ve got all the main elements in there: fire, smoke, sparks and debris! One suggestion might be to add scorch marks on the surfaces where the explosion touched, but otherwise now it’s just a matter of watching tons of explosion reference from videos or game styles you like and tuning your elements to try and emulate those - have fun! :+1:

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Thanks!! I didn’t notice, but I was indeed supposed to have the scorch marks! :rofl: I guess the blueprint was not at the right spot so it didn’t appear! Oops! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But yes I will have to experiment depending on what style I want. Thank you!! :smiley:

Good job!
One detail: You can ask yourself question about the “story” or logic" of the explosion. For example: If there is a huge shockwave on the ground (so that all the lower smoke gets pushed away like a nova), why isn’t the fire affected in a similar way?

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I didn’t think of it that way! :open_mouth: