My Darksiders 3 work [SPOILERS]

I make vfx I swear!

Here’s a quick reel of some of my vfx work on Darksiders 3. Warning, this reel contains spoilers for the game.


Soooo great, I want to buy the game now :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing! How much time takes to make such cool vfx like a forse underwater form?

I didn’t work on the Force fx, just the underwater stuff like the bubbles and foam. But the force stuff probably took our senior guy like a month or two for everything. For just the transition fx, probably 2 weeks or so

Thanks! And what soft you used to work with? Maya, substence designer or something else?

Ow, that’s really nice!
1:20, the green smoke, is that a sprite sheet or did you distort the UVs?

I think it was a sprite sheet we had laying around, but you could probably get a very similar look to distorting a single smoke texture

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3DS Max for modeling, and some simulations for flipbooks, photoshop for texturing, and I think that was mainly it.