Moving overseas for work

Hello everyone i hope everyone is doing good
so i have been in the industry for about a year and i got a really great opportunity to work for a company in the U.K my start date is in January and i was wondering if anyone has any tips on things to look out for that would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:

check if you can use the same software you have/had over there and to which one you might have to adapt.
make sure, you take ur hotkey & layout setups with you o<:)

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Don’t forget a warm coat, it’s cold and rainy here :smiley:

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From what i have researched they do use unreal 4 thank you for bringing up the hotkey & layout setups i totally forgot about doing that Thank you so much for the advice. :smiley:


Already packed and i will pack more :smiley:

Super cool mate!!
If you bring your PC oversea, make sure to pack individually anything that could get loose (hard drives, graphic card, etc.) my hard drive got loose and did a rampage in my case! Whats cool is that you can simply buy a new power cord for UK and it should work on your power supply!
Working over sea have been one of the best experience of my life!
Enjoy your trip! :slight_smile:

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i will remember that, how long have you been the UK ?

I was not in the UK but in Malta. Sadly I’ve been there for only 4 months since the company crashed and burned shortly after I was hired… eh!
I still would do it all over again since it was a great life experience that I wanted to do since I’ve started working in the industry! :smiley:

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I moved from Sweden to the UK to work for a few years. Feel free to pm me if you have specifics you want to ask.

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