Mostertman: Sketch #25 Dot



Hi everyone, after a while of lurking I decided i really wanted to join in, so here we go my first entry. After seeing everyone’s work for a while it feels pretty intimidating but we’ll see how far we get!

My idea for a Dot effect is a nasty tick swarm that suck out blood. I haven’t made sketches yet but I’ll post updates as it comes along.

Best of luck to everyone and please if have any feedback or criticisms let me know, I’ll be happy to hear it!


A very quick sketch mainly to keep myself on track. I want to start building 1 tick that can expand its stomach. Maybe I’ll keep it as 1 to 3 bigger ones that are well readable on a screen instead of a swarm of little ones. I was thinking maybe its fun to spawn them from a crack in the ground but at the same time, I could also grow a patch of grass where they jump from.


Keeping an eye on it! It’d be cool if a lot of little ticks formed a giant one :new_moon_with_face:


oh man, that could also be very cool. No Idea how I would visualize that but I can keep it in mind for sure! maybe a swarm of particles that swarm towards a point cached bigger version. thanks for the idea!:smiley:


I’m starting to regret this, ticks are probably some of the most disgusting things to roam this world. Look at this demonic little asshole. At the moment I’m working on a model I can blow up using blend shapes, I’ll post a screen or gif when I have the start variant and the blowup blendshape.


a quick update I finally started to work on my meshes :smiley: I’ll throw the main tick for a quick pass in zbrush so I can paint its main color scheme and play with the silhouette a little more organically (also better legs)
: tick

I feel like I should pay a little more attention to the head, because in the picture above it looks like evil incarnate and mine looks a little sad.


Before going into details, I’d suggest you to block-in the main VFX timing, shapes, colors, etc, so you can have an overall vision, and then direct the art from there.


you are right I guess, I tend to get caught up in details that don’t really matter yet. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:


Took your advice @Lush I started blocking out my animations, it gives me a much better view of where I am going and thanks again :slight_smile: I’m also sharing a little gif of the shader I am building for my effect! Its a noise map panner with vertex deformation. which I added after I made the gif :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem! Looking at the gif, everything seems to be working fine. Keep it up, I’m sure it’ll turn great in the end :sparkles: