Michail M VFX Sketchbook

Hello everyone, I have always had a curiosity about shaders and VFX despite my focus on environment art and I wanted to share some of the personal R’n’D I have been working on. First example:

Neuron VFX video

More info on Artstation:
Neuron VFX

On this video I am using 2 meshes (duplicates) one for the funky emissive and “growth” effect and one for the polygon splitting effect. Everything is done on one material with 2 instances


Very cool. Imagine if you add some Niagara to it.
So that is just WPO effects in shader? Cheers!

Yes it is WPO based with a sphere mask that is modulated by a sine. Unfortunately me and Niagara do not agree - i cant get my head around it. I wish they would have gone fully modular like BPs with a more streamlined workflow like maya mash but i guess its still early days

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There are many tutorials and the example content to reverse engineer from, plus everyone here is so helpful. Give it a go :wink:

Yes, I 've seen a few and I have been following the Niagara progress since they released it. The work people do is awesome but it just hasn’t clicked for me. I tried 3 advanced tutorials at some point and I think because of the version changes the examples didn’t work. I don’t have a programming background and as an artist I feel I’ld rather spend time doing similar effects with Maya Mash or prototype ideas with shaders and wait till they sort Niagara out properly.