Meteor Impact effect help

Hello, I am still new and trying to learn particle effects in unity and this website so not sure where to post this exactly, so sorry if i put this in the wrong place. I want to make some ground cracks on the ground that fade from the outside to the inside instead of just having the whole thing fade out at once. I think I may have to do coding but I don’t know where to find a good example of what i need to do. I have tried having it fade and size over life time go smaller but it just is not the effect i am trying to achieve. It is something like this Stefan Jevremovic - Meteor Strike Breakdown on Vimeo at the 8 seconds mark. Any help would be much appreciated please, I want to start to expand my very limited knowledge

Could just use alpha erode, google alpha erode unreal and there will be boat loads of examples on how to do this.

You could then create parameters, etc and drive the behaviour as you want

ok i will try that, thank you for the help