Mederic Havard: TGT Competition WIP

Some idea for the moment, i think that my transmutator come from hell and disintegrate like fire. Ashes turn in wave then an object forms. (Ref:

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A first draft in PopcornFx, no idea for the moment for the final shape. Maybe an angel, if you have suggestion?


Aww that’s sick! love the direction your taking it in, though personally I would make the overall effect much faster (But I imagine it happening in gameplay where it needs to be quick quick :smiley: ) For a cutscene this would be wicked.

As for the shape, it looks pretty painful, like that guy is in flames! the dark smoke kinda makes me think more of a demon or a vampire kinda transformation, or alternatively you could be turning swirly ash cloud into something cooky like a garden gnome :smiley:


Thanks for the feedback! I think I will first focus on the first step, I would see later for the following depending on the inspiration :grin:

A little update :wink:


this keeps getting better and better! I really need to invest some time in popcornfx. how are you controlling the flow of particles over the characters body?

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In a first time I use the vertex paint for the burning zone (threshold of a mask with a gradient in black and white) and then i use directly in script a noise for the decomposition on the surface, always with a gradient mask of black and white generated by the noise. if you have another question tell me :wink: