Mattias Rotman - Realtime VFX Reel

Hello, nice to meet you all. :slight_smile:

I’m new to this forum, currently working as a VFX artist at Tarhead Studio in Sweden.
Here’s some effects I’ve been working on these past couple of weeks in preparation for a job application as I’m currently planning to apply to a different studio.


Awesome stuff! The Gravity Ball is one of my new favorite effects ever :slight_smile:

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Some sweet stuff there! Good job. :smiley:

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Thats very some nice stuff mate

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Yeah looking good :slight_smile:

Nice anticipation on the ice attack! (Maybe I’d try dissolving the rocks instead of scaling, but that’s just a stylistic choice).

Magic, perhaps add some longer lingering elements on the impact such as embers.

Grenade, fake some lighting on the rocks? (Look quite flat atm).

Gravity Ball, perhaps throb the core’s scale more erratically. And I guess the cloudly black smoke surrounding could pan inwards instead of upwards (reinforcing the attractive nature of it).

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I really like that you show some versatility in your color choices between the effects. That was one thing that I noticed on my reel is I tended to stay in a comfort zone with some colors and you show that you aren’t afraid to try something new.

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Awesome work! My only suggestion is for the purple energy effect. The trail is panning, but the way the texture is painted it looks like the energy is moving back to the caster. Maybe put some forward movement on the lingering trail if you can?


Good spot Travis! Seems the Ice attack does it on the punching of the ground, takes your eye in the other direction a little too much.

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