Manus - Sketch #59: Light

Hey all wonderful people!

I’m going to join the challenge this weekend, so going to post all my progress there.

My initial idea is to make a Sun Spear (like the name of my company :3) falling from the sky and hitting the ground with some holy/light energy impact. Will see how it goes :smiley:




First iteration! Started with a ground splash:


Managed to wake up, so I can add some breakdown if anyone is interested how the effect is done.

I started with a simple gradient texture that I’ve curved with VectorToRadialValue in Material Editor:

Then I created a distortion texture to make this interesting shape:

And then I created another texture to get more color variation:


I’m really bad at modeling, though I tried making at least a placeholdery spear for the animation, so here it is.

Some basic scene and sequence setup + worked on the impact a bit more.
Next up, I will try to add some love to spear with vfx.

Did some additional lighting improvements. More work in coming days!


That already looks sooo great! The impact feels nice, and I love the look of the ground splash and how it appears :ok_hand:
Great work!


Thank you :3 Hopefully I won’t make it worse with all the polishing XD


Here’s another iteration! I added refraction, camera shake, hear wave and some fire (placeholder for now as I have to learn how to make a pretty one). There were plenty of other tweaks I did + cleaning up the project a bit.

For next steps I’m planning to add a trail to the spear and make it incinerate with time (as it’s sun spear xd).

Lately I’ve been a bit burnout, so didn’t manage to find enough motivation to follow up my work, hopefully it gets better and I can polish it up properly!

Also I follow with rather simple techniques, so not sure what would be interesting to show from the breakdown, though if anyone has questions then feel free to ask :3


I just realized that I screwed the timing on the splash from the previous one XD I knew I will break something

Final version:

I tweaked timing and some values, but I didn’t have enough time to add everything I wanted. It was fun tho! And lots of awesome effects were created to congrats to everyone!


Oh I can breakdown one more thing.

For the decal I created this texture in substance separating it into Alpha, Emissive, Height and Normal map and then did some simple shader magic to make it look like on the video.

I also made a ash decal, though for it I created a simple shape of directional splash in photoshop and then modified it in substance to get cooler look:

Then even simpler shader for it as it’s just alpha with dark color.


You did a great job, loved your breakdown of textures setups and everything was just awesome. :boom: :boom: :boom:

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Damn o.o that’s so awesome to hear! Thank you!

Awesome effect, well done! :ok_hand:

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Thank you <3 Likewise!

This looks awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your breakdown as well :slight_smile:

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Nice one! Interesting breakdown.

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Thank you! Glad you like it!