Making a short film in Unreal Engine 5

Episode 1:To make a short film in Unreal Engine 5

Hi, my goal is to make a short film like this with Unreal Engine 5. Hyper Realistic CG Animated Short using the Unreal Engine | Irradiation - YouTube

And I am starting out wit animating a character from Mixamo. But for someone reason, whenever I add characters in my project they appear with half opacity. Anyone know the solution?

Thank you.

And if you want to make a short film like this, I am looking for someone to share knowledge and improve together. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hard to tell what is happening with these few information.
How is the material set up? do you use other plug-ins? are you directly importing the Mixamo character into UE5 or do you do adjustments in another software in between? How are the import settings of Skeletal Meshes set up?

These all could cause problems. Maybe you will find the error there already. If not, providing these information might give me or someone else enough information to find the error.

I wish you all the best to finish the movie. Will be looking forward to it.