Made a few Weapon Effects with VFX Graph and Shader Graph in Unity


This time I made some Weapon Effects with VFX Graph and Shader Graph in Unity. This two tools together are awesome. The sword uses a mesh shader done with SG and then mixed with few particles from VFX Graph.



This is really awesome Gabriel! As someone who’s now transitioning over to Unity I appreciate the detail put into our tutorial and the many options to learn more. You can bet I’ll be checking out your Patreon :partying_face: Keep up the great work!!


Such a lovely comment, that’s so nice of you!
Well I do really hope that you have a smooth transition, and if my tutorials can help you with that, that’s super awesome :nerd_face:

By the way, love your work. Big fan!


Hey, I’ve learned Unity my very first time with your videos! Thank you a lot! This requires much more attention

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That’s great, you are welcome!
Yeah this video uses two different tools, and both have so much potential, that I can only show a few bits here and there without killing the viewers of boredom. lol