Lush: Valorant - Case Study


Hi there!

A couple days ago I saw the Valorant gameplay vids Riot published.

The effects looked great as always, so I wanted to recreate them using Unreal just for fun.

Quick disclaimer! I’m not affiliated with Riot and I don’t know who are the actual VFX artists working on Valorant. I’d like to know who they are tho! Please feel free to say hi if you’re around here hehehe

I like where this is going, but I’m missing some extra particles here and there, maybe some swooshes too. Should I recreate the other skills as well?

Any feedback is appreciated!

Here are the references I used:


min 0:21 , “when u want to test the effect so hard” xDD

Looking good, valorant has some nice style that reminds me of Spellbreak tho

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Really cool study! Personally i would set a step for the color smoothness with a more cartoony shade, like you see in other Valorant skills (in the Phoenix spotlight we clearly see the fire shader)

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