Looking for some feedback


Hey everyone i’m looking for some feedback on my current effect, It’s a magic missile themed attack. I’m trying to find something to replace the the default sphere and to make the effect more impactful so any feedback would be appreciated


Hey there Vincent!
Glad to hear that you’re trying to get rid of the default sphere. (Getting sick of those things honestly)
To me, it’s more impactful when you can show an effect with a character or at least a mockup or dummy character. On that note, personally I use a website for my portfolio effects, where you can test out little animations and download them for free, and put them in your engine of choice.

You can preview everything in the browser, flip a few switches and just download the FBX right there. I prefer the “Y Bot” character for testing VFX myself. It looks like a poseable dummy, sort of. It can give the viewer a better idea of what is going on or what the idea behind the effect is and a sense of place and scale.

On to the effect feedback itself:

  • I like the flashing stuff when it fires - gives a nice “repeater” vibe to it.
  • I think the impact is maybe too weak - maybe it has to do with the scale of things, it’s hard to get a grasp of how big this effect is supposed to be. Is the impact cloud about as big as a human fist? A head? A car? This is another reason to use some other stuff than default geometry with your effects.
  • Maybe the colors on the trail are a little uniform - mixing it up with a fade over time or something similar could be useful.
  • The growing ball during the charge up is a little dull, it would be cool if perhaps as it grew bigger, it becomes more unstable (maybe a wobble or color difference), indicating that it holds lots of power to be released soon.
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