Looking for a vfx job

Hii there! My name is Chen and from China.I’m looking for a unreal vfx job whatever working location.

When i was learning painting at 18 year old , i was sure i will be an artist, because i just was enjoing the way of creating my project.
But when i have entered university,i was starting to study other stuff as grapic design, bag design, project manegement, virtual design,etc. I’ve been struggled what should i do later i graduate, fortuenaly during long time thinking and discovering,I’m sure i will be an artist again and working for game visual effect!

For achieve this gola I’m preparing over 1 year,also my YouTube and instagram channel record what’s my growing. I hope i could get an opportunity in here.

Youtube, https://youtu.be/MaVii2FIa5c?si=IQJlLd1eWKs7mOgh
Instagram, urgotchenchen


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If you could give me some advices of my profile, i would like to really appreciate! Bec your advice may make a fresh vfx guy get improvement :smile: