Living cubes environment

Hello folks!
I’m looking for a way to create a living cubes environment. I use Unity for prototyping/learning.
How can I achieve this kind of effect like are in the video:
Cubes wall

I would like to create an environment/maps that player can move within so I don’t think this would be a good performance if I would like to try to create this from spawning billions of cubes and trying to move them. I need mobile grade performance. How this could be achieved? Can this by done by shader? Particles? Or what?
Does this effect have some name? Can’t find any tutorials on how this could be achieved.

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There’s a million ways to do things in game dev, so it’s difficult to point you in a useful direction without knowing what sort of constraints you’re under or how you’d like the end result to be. This could certainly be done in a shader, or with geometry (you wouldn’t need billions), or with a particle system. Each approach has pros and cons.

What have you tried so far? What are some issues you’ve run into?

Nothing at all yet that I have tried. Just found myself that I would like to have such thing or at least learn how to possibly achieve this. My main concern is the performance for mobile (VR oculus quest) so it should run smoothly. I want to create living environment that player can walk inside but also to be able to control those cubes so it possibly could show some things on those walls like some words and signs. No clue where should start to lookinto this

How this effect is called. Does it have a name? I struggle finding Antying in Google. Living cubes/ moving cubes doesnt give me much

So I have something but I’m having a hard time to wrap my head how to map texture to manipulate vertexes using shader graph.

I have procedurally generated a grid of cubes and I’m able to move vertices of this mesh but they move all in a given axis. What I would like to have is to move independently each cube based on the texture. But can’t wrap my head how to do that.

Also, I’m wondering why I get such weird artefacts in my grid as you can see in the gif. Any Ideas?

@Chris any suggestions?

GIF 28.06.2020 12-15-51
GIF 28.06.2020 15-11-36