Liquid Shader - Help? (ShaderForge)

Does anyone know how to get this effect in the current Shaderforge version? I want to use it as a replacement for vertex offset, since mesh doesn’t work well with other billboard particles. Unless theres a “Billboard mesh” option in shuriken I think this is my best option.

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u are looking for a uv distortion effect. :slight_smile:

EDIT ::::: Sorry (wrong reply button) that is meant towards @colossaladvent!

hi man, I don’t see why this node connections wont work on the current version of shader forge.
all you have to do is use the same theoretical idea.

pan the UV coordinates of a “noise” texture.
Lerp the Red Channel with another UV coordinates and the “T” will be your slider value.
then plug it into the Texture 2D node and split the Alpha and Albedo.

Your Question is not clear please provide screen shot of your status and better explanation will help us to help you.
Just asking someone for the job, and then copy paste is not the right way of getting answers :smirk:

you are also confused. Billboard will be likely a 2D sprite and that means, if you want to use a mesh “Quad” you will have only four vertices - that said what you want to do exactly with 4 vertices ?

you talk about vertex displacement but the video you linked is UV coordinates distortion. I don’t get what you are saying, sorry.


Okay awesome that worked! Sorry about not being more specific, but you did answer the question.

Aye, I understand billboard is a sprite, that’s why I wanted to use uv distortion instead (not enough geometry on sprites). Before I was using vertex offset with a dense plane. However, my camera is angled and my other effects are Billboards which creates a problem with the view. Alot of weird visual off-set that was unnecessary.

Thanks again for the answer!

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good job man!
Happy I could help ^^