Lightning vfx WIP



Think I’m going to have to call this done for now.

I made the main lightning arc wider, added some branching and re-added the pink beam just before the lightning strike. I think that the lightning it self is much clearer now and is less distracted by the pink beam. Also I think it helps with both color and anticipation.
I also made the smoke grow at a more steady rate.

Thanks again for all the great feedback everyone. :slight_smile:


It’s a great looking effect! Well done :slight_smile:


It means a lot to hear that, Thank you!


Cool! It looks very elegant :slight_smile:


Oh I lovedddddddddddddd it … superb timing <3


Thank you @AntoVFX and @Parag_Ponkshe! I hope to make another VFX soon! Please drop by and bring all the feedback you can come up with when the time comes! :smiley:


Very well done! I love using erosion maps. This is a fantastic demonstration of not only use-case but procedure and technique. Bravo!


Thats very nice of you to say! Thank you! :slight_smile:


I really love the latest timing + composition! great effect mate!


Thank you @Rufke! I’m really glad you liked it! I will try to get some more WIPs going as soon as I have time :slight_smile:


It is great to see these updates.I think it is good enough.So yeah,good job buddy