Lightning Questions from VFX Roundtable Day 3

Hey all - at the end of today’s roundtable we had lightning questions. Quick topic with only 1 or 2 responses. We wanted to capture these on the forum so the conversation can continue here:

Question: Has anyone been playing with raymarching and mesh flipbooks? I’d like to hear more.
Answer: Someone said yes. Bill (Kladis) did a flipbook talk last year.

Question: I want to iterate on delta time in their shader and want it to happen at particle birth in Unity (at particle birth, control time). Particle start time in your shader?
Answer: In Unity just hijack color to pass through the particle start time. Anyone know what the right solution is to this using custom per particle attributes?

Question: I’m curious about solutions for sorting in a stylized way 2D sprites into 3D spaces without weird billboarding issues where sprites intersect with walls?
Answer: There’s a talk at 1:30 (Volition) that’s literally about how to handle rendering. A big part of it is about lighting and transparency. Should be able to help point you in the right direction. Agents of Mayhem rendering talk.

Question: In Unreal in VR there’s a checkbox to cancel out HMD display so the particles don’t rotate around when you’re tilting your head. Is there a way to do that in Unity so the rotation doesn’t happen?
Answer: Use meshes/a plane instead of actual sprites because you can have more control over orientation. Bias certain axes in the shader? Again, similar for the Volition talk.

Question: Any and all techniques for shader driven stylization in effects? A thread about that would be fun! Style transfer from paintings to rendering of a particle?
Answer: Let’s post a thread about it! SQUEEZE ALL BRAINS TOGETHER INTO ONE SKULL.

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Been working on various ways to use Mesh Flipbooks and settled on a UE4 material that could either flip through or pick randomly out of your meshes. Uses Vertex Color, but takes some math and setup. Unfortunately all of those meshes would be on screen at once, even if they aren’t being picked. You could have a ton different meshes packed together and pick each one individually with the material.