Light affects translucency?

How do you get light to affect the smoke below? What is shader that smoke using?


I believe (I’ve not tested this myself), if you make the smoke material “Lit” it should already work.
I’ve read about something similar on the latest diablo 4 blogpost:
Diablo IV Quarterly Update—December 2021 — Diablo IV — Blizzard News

Edit: also, it might be a volumetric effect.
2.6 - Lit Translucency for Volumetric Particle Effects | Unreal Engine Documentation

Consider me curious, because it looks VERY good.

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Hm… I can’t seem to do it? What did I do wrong?

The blue smoke should inherit a bit of red.

Particles should be lit by default. Are you using a normal map in your smoke material? Another way of getting light is this very nice fake via sphere mask:

Note: to make the material use the normal map, you have to set the correct lighting mode. The default mode does not use the normal. You can hover over the different modes to see what they are doing:

this might be an interesting read for you:

also interesting:

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Thanks for your reply. I use pretty basic shader, default lit and translucent, with Volumetric Non-directional lighting mode. Still, it doesn’t catch light like any opaque mode.

Hm…that’s weird. Maybe someone from the discord knows a solution. Have you tried asking at ?

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Thank you. I’ll try.