LF general CC and question about recreating effects from other VFX Reels

Hey Friends!
I want to show off some things i made for my vfx reel and wanted to hear your opinion over the general quality.

And i wanna ask your opinion about recreating effects from other reels, i really like to watch chinese vfx reels to get inspired for my own effects

my last effect is also recreated from a chinese vfx reel, how u feel about this?

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Hey there @Pixelheld!

I like your reel. I would maybe enlarge the portal at 00:36 so the spaceship won’t touch the portal frame.

Also, the tree you recreated is cool, but I would try to play with colors. In the original reference, the tree is blue and the butterflies orange, and since those colors are complimentary, in your case I would use a reddish pink for the tree and a fluorescent greenish tone for the butterflies maybe, like the color palette from Zelda’s Great Fairy.

Also, my opinion about recreating effects from other reels:

Awesome! Just don’t use it in your reel claiming it as yours. State who the original artist is, and also specify that it is a study.

Have a nice day!