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Hi All!

I’m a student game developer, getting into game design and development. I’m very interested in being a generalist actually, and have been studying everything I can, both non-industry standard software and industry standard software. Currently, I’m actually interested this year to jump into VFX. I’m looking if there is any good places you all know to learn resources for:

After Effects

I’m currently using those, but am interested in others software if they are industry standard for games and such. Any help with learning resources is appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

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Could have a look at these :slight_smile:

https://jangafx.com/ (@JangaFX)


Thanks! Definitely will check them out.

No worries! This site has been crucial in my learning, but there are so many good youtube series out there that have helped me a ton, also Twitter is fantastic for inspiration and tutorials.

There was a post recently that contained a large list of twitter vfx people to follow

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Guess I better start looking for that list

Animator’s Survival Kit
Elemental Magic Vol. 1
Elemental Magic Vol. 2
Interaction of Color
Khan Academy - Math

You can learn software by reading it’s documentation, but it’s not going to make you a strong artist. Artistic fundamentals do not come as easily but they will always be relevant to your work, and the concepts will transfer regardless of game engine or DCC. The resources I linked are (arguably) the closest we have to a canon in this field, so I’d warmly recommend you start there!


Thanks @Chris for those. I already own the Animator’s Survival Kit, but I definitely will continue with maths on Khan Academy and get the other items as well. I’ve learned some of the artistic fundamentals, but I know I don’t have a strong grasp of them all yet. Thanks for linking those resources for me!

WOw, This in a good thing

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Abit of a shameless self promotion here but you can check out my paragon breakdowns heres:

Portfolio link here https://www.artstation.com/kanoba

any questions feel free to ask!

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I’ve been following it, and I will closely follow the posts. I loved Paragon when it came out so I am definitely following these breakdowns to see how it was done and how I can achieve something similar.

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