Paragon Material Breakdowns and Tutorials

Main Aurora Ice Shader

Hey guys ive started a series of blog posts where i’ll be breaking down paragon Materials and untangling all of complexity behind them. theres a gold mine of knowledge hidden away in the amazing assets epic games was nice enough to release to us and im going try to through an do breakdowns/Simplified recreations of some of the more interesting or cool ones il be starting with Aurora seeing as shes first one the list. I’ve recreated her Ice Material and done a breakdown of how it works. Il try post one at least once a month.

Check out the first one here on my artstation Blog, Aurora’s Main Ice Material.

Part one:

Part two:


Any questions or feedback feel free to ask them here!

Ice growing Material

Hey guys my next Paragon breakdown/tutorial is here. This time were taking what we learnt from the first one and adding a growth effect so we can grow our Ice over time. Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Blog post/Tutorial here:…ader-breakdown


Thanks for taking the time documenting the amazing work of Epic. Very well done!


Hey guys I’ve posted my next Paragon break down this time we’re going over some simple Ice spike effects its a two parter, the first part goes over simple texture creation in Substance designer and the second part goes over creating a material that we can use for our effects inside of cascade, Check it out an let me know what you think if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!


The Links to the Blog posts/Tutorials can be found here:
Part one on Texture Creation:
Part two on Material and Effect Creation:
I think il be going back and tidying up the texture abit looking at them side by side now and im just not happy with it, il keep you posted with more updates!


Hey guys two new blog posts on how I did some of my effects, First one about the basics of using ribbons in unreal engine, the second one’s about how I created the ribbon for my most recent Ice missile effect
Ice Missile Ribbon

The Basics of ribbons in UE4:
Blog post:

Ice Missile Breakdown:
Blog Post:


Just wanted to let you know that these are some of the most informative posts/tutorials i have read so far. Just looking at your Ribbon post now and it has answered every single one of my questions i had regarding ribbons.

Thanks again, it’s much appreciated!

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No worries, if you got any more questions feel free to ask in here!