Learning materials for realtime effects


I am new here from VFX in the movie industry.

My career interest has been shifted to realtime graphics, so I wonder if there are any good learning materials for game effects such as tutorials for particles and related shadings.

I have found this one pretty good though:

I am a houdini and maya user for effects, learning unity3d these days.

Any comment and advice will be appreciated.

Hi and welcome!

Real time VFX imo are a bit more smoke and mirrors than pre-rendered however a lot of the skills and certainly the fundamentals should transfer quite nicely.

I’ve found @Sirhaian tutorials for Unity particles to be quite nice for getting a jump start into Unity’s particle systems for effects.

For shader application Makin’ Stuff Look Good is a nice jump into how to both write shaders, the basics of what a shader actually does to the hardware and some of the sweet applications of shaders in realtime.

Hope some of these help you get into it.
I only gave Unity specific ones as you said that’s what you’d be using but you can learn a lot from how other engines handle their FX as well


If you’re coming from film VFX it might be helpful to think of the “real-time” aspect of it replacing the compositing step.

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Realtime material is similar to houdini’s shop shader

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Thanks for the info~!
Hope i can grow up soon with such kind of materials to contribute here like you. :smile:

Hi guys,
I would like to contribute with my own blog post about shaders and ShaderForge - http://blog.nordeus.com/art/50-shaders-of-forge-prototyping-with-shader-forge.htm

I hope it will be useful.


Wow, where was this when I was first learning Shader Forge? Great stuff!

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man, that’s awesome. thanks for sharing~!!

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Glad you like it guys :wink:

Do ask if you have any questions or maybe some ideas for future shaders.

For Unreal you can take a look at their wiki and test to see what’s going on !

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