League of Legends - VFX Fan Art and Practice in Unity

Im new in this kind of Forums and i never share my work because im too shy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, but this place is great and helped me a lot to improve myself and would like to share with you what i’ve worked on and maybe receive all the feedback needed to get into Riot Games VFX style. Thank you very much :blush:

This is a From the Void themed VFX of Miss Fortune:

This one is an Arclight of Aurelion Sol:

And finally i’ll share just a practice from an existing theme, Star Guardian Lux:

Hope you like it!


I’m so glad you took the time to post Louis!!! It’s obvious the love and attention to detail in these effects, really cool to see!
I especially like the Arclight Aurelion Sol stars, and Lux looks spot on!

It would be great to learn more about how you made them. Talking through your process is a great way to learn too :smiley:

Looking forwards to seeing more :star2:


Oh :flushed: Thank you!
Actually i have a lot of questions about the Riot’s process, and it would be amazing working to them :scream:

I think Riot have the ideal formula for an effect to be simple and yet very complete in all aspects, and that is something that can be applied to any style.

And i would really appreciate some criticism if possible :smile:

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It’s great to hear that you are interested :slight_smile: I’d be happy to answer any process questions you have.

In terms of areas of opportunity in your effects, let’s look at them from a gameplay perspective.

Thematic execution ideally never impedes on gameplay readability. There are some key areas that could be improved to increase clarity. MF’s make it rain for example, REALLY great thematic execution but the amount of contrast, and screen space it demands is disproportionate to it’s gameplay relevance. If her E is that visually demanding, then her R would have to be even louder to sit above it for importance. Then what if Kennen ults over her R, then Taric presses R, etc etc…it quickly becomes a jumble of loud visuals and no one can tell what’s important haha.

When looking at MF’s base E, Arcade, and Pool Party skins there are some key elements that stand out:

  • Team colored AoE ring
  • Missiles falling from the sky
  • Small damage indicators

That narrows down what’s needed from a gameplay standpoint. My suggestions would be to take a look at creative solutions to taking the awesome thematic additions your ground void decal has and insert that thematic into gameplay impacting elements of that effect.

Aurelion Sol’s passive is beautiful! Keeping in mind what I mentioned above, how would you improve this effect?


你真的是太棒了 很喜欢你的作品.
希望你能再接再厉 特效节奏上可以更优秀

Super good stuff, man! Really love it (that sweet Aurelion Sol!) :heart_eyes:
That Lux is absolutely fantastic, I’d have a hard time spotting the differences between the in-game one and yours!

One idea I would have for your MF’s AOE would be to have the edges of the area be just like what you have right now, but greatly tone down the opacity in the center. I’d try to have the missiles create little portals on the ground to mark their impact to remind of the Void thematic. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more of your stuff, it’s really amazing and inspiring!

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My apologies for the delay, I’ve been a little busy these last few days, but I appreciate your criticism, really, and I’ll work on it as soon as possible (in fact, I’m still a bit shocked that I’m talking to Riot people).
About Aurelion, I think it could be improved with some changes in the colors, I really do not have as good an eye as you :pensive:

Oh God, i’m such a big fan of you!
I admire all your work! :scream:
And thank you very much for the comments and for taking your time to see my work! I don’t know what to say…
I’ll keep working on some ideas i have for other thematics, and yeah, that idea for the little portals on the ground sounds great! Thank you!

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trail is so cool!! i like it.can i know how to make it

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The tail of Aurelion Sol is wonderful. Would you like to share the trailing method?

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Thank you! :smiley:
And yeah sure i would like to share it but need some time to post hehe… And im currently at job so… you know, duty first :confused: