Kris Wilkins - Sketch #14 WIP - Sword Trail

Hey All!

So this is my first ever attempt at entering a competition on here. I have never done a sword trail so thought it was the perfect one to get in on. Recently I have been playing ALOT of Ni No Kuni 2 and the effects are just absolutely stunning.

Therefore, I have put together this sword trail and tried to give it a stylised look. Used one of the Infinity Blade swords for this.

If anyone has any tips or tricks or just straight up critique of this it would be most welcome! I hope you like it :slight_smile:

(P.S. sorry for the janky recording… seems to only switch to 1080 quality half way through the vid, although that might just be for me)


Personally I’d make it more poppy. RIght now it feels more like a sword “wave”. Less like a slash. I think you could resolve that by having less keyframes in the middle of your arc, and really exaggerating the ease-in /out of the beginning/end of your animation

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Cheers!, thats a good shout, I’ll adjust the animation tomorrow :slight_smile:

Really nice work! Are you using a conventional ribbon or trail out of engine or a custom mesh for this? Looks fantastic!

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Thanks! Yeah just a bog standard ribbon trail for this one in UE4 (well 2 the refraction is on a second trail as I haven’t worked out how to get it in one trail yet :slight_smile: )