Kevin Leroy: Sketch #2 WIP Portal

Update time!

Thanks to @PetrieTheWild, I updated the timing a bit, and it should feel better now:

Also corrected some of the colors and values.


Looking great mate! The only things I’d change are:

  • The line where the ring spawns from looks too round and soft, I’d make it tighter and square-ish, and make it disappear as soon as the ring completes.
  • The ring itself - I’d only use the pattern on it after the portal spawns. I really like this look, so I’d keep it until the ring completes:
  • When the portal shatters towards the end you have very few large shards and a lot of tiny ones, and nothing in between, and it spawns from the very center. I’d make the emitter larger, put some more medium sized shards in there and a few chaotic small ones.

Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback! :slight_smile:
I should be able to test and make those tweaks this weekend. I’ll post a new video when it’s done. :smiley:

And Update time! I don’t think I’ll touch it again, and if I do, it’d probably just be tweaks. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for your very valuable feedback! :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: Can I just jump into it! Lovely work Sirhaian. Gotten so much better from the first draft! :smiley:

beautiful work mate!

just keeps getting more awesome with each update!

Thanks, @veer, @Bruno and @Lee! :slight_smile:

Very well done, Kevin! Really nice amount of subtle detail. I love how the shards evolved from the 1st iteration to the last.

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Thanks a lot to everyone! :slight_smile:

Also, my good resolution for 2017 is to share my Unity stuff publicly, and I’ll start with this Portal. Here’s a Unity package that contains everything you need to play it: meshes, shaders, textures, etc. Keep in mind I did not do an optimization pass on it, so shaders are not really the best, and some textures could definitely be in lower resolutions… So if you plan to use the resources for an actual game/project, make sure you optimize them first. :slight_smile:

To play the animation, just press the space bar. :slight_smile:


And as a small bonus, here’s my current VFX for Hextech Anivia’s ultimate, directly derived from the Portal:

You’re free to use the resources there for whatever reasons. Feel free to tell me if you use them, though, or if you have a problem with them. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanna pop in and say thanks for the initiative for sharing your work, I will totally be looking into this!

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omg … thanks for sharing this awesome piece of work bro :slight_smile: there is alot to learn for me.
God bless you

and Happy New Year Everyone. :slight_smile:

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No problem at all! If that can help anyone, then I think it’s best to share it. :slight_smile:

And yes, Happy New Year! :smiley:

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Thanks for share this,it‘s awesome. Looking forward to more works & tutorials:heart_eyes:

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