Just a question from a newbie

Hey guys, first post here.

I’d like to know if someone can explain me how to do this type of effect on my meshes ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD2nAimfkec

It would be awesome :smiley:


Hey dude, welcome to the realtimevfx site! Glad to have you! You should check out the Introduce Yourself thread and make an intro post so we can get to know you!

For this FX, there are a couple things going on here. What about the effect is the thing you want to accomplish most? Dynamic generation of a mesh over an object, originating the pulse from where you click, or having the framework be revealed for an object?

My approach/experience level would change depending on the answer. :smiley:

Im going to assume you want to show the wireframe of your mesh as it is, just have a radial pulse of some kind. Well, there are a handful of wireframe shaders on the asset store, and even one that now ships with Unity. You would need to take one of those and pair it with a radial pulse shader. I can’t think of a good example of that to link to, though this video does something pretty close, it adds more complications than would be required for this effect by being an image effect.

Hey @bgolus the video you gave me is very nice, this is tipically what I want to do:)
Thanks for the tip:D