"jittering" or "jittered sampling"?

while I was creating a particle system and wanted to randomly vary the position of each particle so the generated values don’t be close to each other so I get a good random distribution, while using chatgpt, it said that there’s a technique called “jittering” or “jittered sampling”, I couldn’t get much of information about and I didn’t find anything in the internet about it. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can achieve it in a VFX graph. and thank you so much.

Set Position (Shape : Sphere) | Visual Effect Graph | 10.2.2 (unity3d.com)

You can use shapes to initialize the positions of your particle. I wouldn’t put my trust into language models for stuff as niche as real-time vfx. Not enough data to scrape to form a coherent “”““understanding””“” of the subject.

Good luck!

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I am not a VFX guru but to the best of my knowledge, there is no “jittering sampling” technique in Unreal; not sure if there is one in Unity. However, there is a jitter position module in Unreal and it can be used to push the particles in a random direction not sure if this is what you are looking for.

If I was to randomize the position of my particles, I would begin with creating a scratch pad, getting the position of the particles and adding a random range float to it, then adding that to the particle spawn or update stages in my emitter. I am sure there would be other simpler or much more effective ways to do this. But this is how I would begin looking for a way to do it.

Maybe someone more knowledgeable might pop in and give a better suggestion. But in agreement with mudu, I wouldn’t trust ChatGPT because it isn’t the best at suggesting ways to do certain things in real-time VFX due to the limited data out there.

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Shapes is the same as Random Uniform, it may seem okey in the link you shared but once the number of particle start to decrease, for example 10 particles, the distribution along the vector or the shape will start to look bad, for example all the particles spawn only in the left side of the sphere.

I made a simple picture of what I’m trying to achieve:
for example, when using random uniform or pre-component, I get particles close to each other, a big gap between them, or most of them grouping in a close range, making the rest of the space look empty.
what I’m looking to achieve is something like their minimum range between them so the distribution feels better like in the second bar.