JangaFX - Sketch #4 WIP

Trying my hand at #Events:04-stormy-skies , still trying to figure out the direction i’m going with this. I’m digging the shadowing on the clouds thus far, plenty plenty plenty more to do! Cloud Lighting obviously needs to be instanced and randomized, will get to that soon.

Stay Tuned!


I’m finished for the night, here’s what i’ve got so far. Rolling tessellated clouds in the background, and some better lightning timing.

Will continue working on this tomorrow.


wow … looks awesome bro

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Check some reference of storm clouds yours are currently too noisy.
Also how tessellated are you going?

Nice twisty motion :slight_smile:

You would probably want the flash to illuminate more of the surrounding cloud (and not be so saturated).

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Took away the noisiness from the clouds. I may be able to finish this up, not sure :P. The lighting is quite hard to get right because of the scale of this effect. Might have to scale it down alot…


This reminds me so much of Stargate, for some reason. :heart_eyes:
I really like it so far, can’t wait to see where you’ll take it. :slight_smile:

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Looking rad man! Something that might be cool is a bit more hue variation to help give it a bit more zing (slight doesn’t have to be crazy)! Also my other initial read was that the spiny clouds have a bit of a hard edge with the non spiny clouds, might be cool to blend those 2 elements a bit more. Looking forward to the update :grin:

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Yeah one of the things i’m trying to work out is blending the meshes together. I think i’ll add some actual particles to the scene to help… cloud it up :slight_smile:

It could also help to give each section of the rotational clouds a bit of variation like you said, i’ll see what i can do!

Thanks Guys!

Got some deep cloud movement, a bit of blending and i messed with the rendering to make things appear in the right order now. I think the clouds moving fast may be a bit too thick. I’ll keep toying with it and see if i can get the right effects.


Heres Version 2:


That looks really cool.

Have you tried using a slightly more purple color?
I feel like lightning generaly feels more like light purple then blue.

You could also try to slightly light up the clouds itself as if there was a
light behind it. Maybe this gives the ilusion of lightning above the clouds?

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Wow the changes from your original draft are looking great!

Just a thought, but you may want to have less uniform of curves for the storm. Look at some hurricane reference and see how the storm twists tighter as you get closer to the center.

Lastly, I feel like the storm clouds should be a little bigger, right now you have those calm clouds around it and the storm just kind of looks placed in there, could be cooler if you had them sort of start to twist and blend into the piece too.


Went from a mythical look to more realistic, I like the change. You’ll see it soon!

Heres the latest version, in video format! This might as well be finished, If i don’t post anything else, then this is my final entry! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions guys! It turned out really really fantastic in my eyes.

Or Youtube:


Alright, the post above is my Final Entry :dizzy: